Building strength and quickness to perform better

The KRONIS Academy Ohio has partnered with Dawn Gorman Fitness to develop a training plan that is targeted to the movements required to perform the goalkeeper position at the next level. These plans focus on strength, agility, quick burst, and a strong core.

These workout plans focus on developing the goalkeeper in 4 aspects of fitness.


Improving strength in an athlete will not only increase their ability to play their sport, but also helps prevent injuries.


Developing an athletes quickness and training the muscles to be more explosive will help a goalkeeper react to a ball quicker and perform better on the field.


Building speed, agility, power and conditioning in an athlete will not only increase their ability to play their sport, but also increase overall health.


Helping develop connection between a player's physical abilities and technical requirements of a goalkeeper to create the best form of the athlete.

Goalkeeper fitness training designed to build strength and quickness

These 30-60 minute sessions utilize sport specific and customized programs proven to enhance athletic performance and prevent injury. Dawn is a NASM certified trainer and is committed to getting you faster, stronger, and more safely advanced in your sport.

These programs are designed to be utilized during the on and off season of an athletes sport. The purpose is to spend time
building strength, conditioning, and overall fitness to enhance sports performance.

Injury Prevention:

Research shows that stronger athletes get inured less. Our strength regimens focus to build protection against common sports injuries such as ACL damage, ankle sprains, lower back pain and concussions. Strength training improves body alignment and teaches the muscles to work together seamlessly, get stronger and significantly reduce risk for injury.

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