KRONIS Academy is Northeast Ohio's only year-round indoor goalkeeper training facility. We develop elite goalkeepers and leaders on and off the field

KRONIS Academy is a year-round goalkeeping training program located in Las Vegas, Nevada where goalkeepers receive elite goalkeeper training and leadership that they can use on and off the field. Kronis goalkeeper training is ran by certified NSCA coaches along with former college and pro-level goalkeepers. KRONIS trains athletes from all over the West Coast and offers goalkeeper training for the Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

Small group goalkeeper training

Based on our experience during club, high school, collegiate, and professional levels, The KRONIS Academy understands the position of goalkeeper is one of the most important positions on the field. Unfortunately, for many different reasons, the goalkeeper historically gets the least amount of training or attention in practice. For a team to be truly successful, the keeper needs to be someone who the team can rely on and individual goalkeeper training is essential.

Travel and club goalkeeper training

Maximize your Goalkeeper Training in small groups designed for travel teams, clubs and premier teams!  Kronis will train teams in a group setting.  Goalkeepers will be divided up into smaller groups based age/ability.  With these small groups, you get the benefit of numerous types of situational training sessions as well as focusing on the technical aspects at various stations.